Greyhound Handicapping: How To Find Longshots That Win


This is an article from Book 5 in the Greyhound Handicapping Series Books 1-6 available in paperback or on Kindle. You can read all 6 books for free with Kindle Unlimited and each book has 3 bonus mini systems.

I love to watch M and J races, because puppies are so happy when they’re racing. Even the ones that can’t seem to win a race no matter how often they run are out there trying their best to win. But that leads to an interesting point.

Why do trainers keep racing puppies that don’t win after many races in M? And, even more puzzling, why do some dogs – overgrown maidens – age out of M and go into D or C rather than get taken off the track and sent to be adopted?

On first thought, it might not look like it makes any sense to keep a dog running when it can’t win puppy races. And why in the world would you put a dog like this into D or C with older more experienced dogs and think that it has a shot at winning? Crazy? Maybe not.

After over 3 decades of watching dogs like this, I’ve come to realize something. Sure, some of these dogs will never win a race and will end up on someone’s couch. But there are other dogs who do lousy in M and then seem to “wake up” when they get to D or C.

I’ve come to the conclusion that greyhounds are just like any other youngsters who are starting out in a sport. Some of them are good to go right out of the box, so to speak. Others take a little more time and hit their stride after a few races in M.

Some will never run in the money or make it in racing. But then there are the dogs who just need a little more time than most dogs to come into their own. These are the dogs who strike out constantly in M, but go on to win in D or C when they’re older and maybe a little wiser.

So, if you see one of these dogs, keep an eye on it. If the trainer leaves it in M until it’s too old and then puts it in D or C, don’t assume that it will never win. Watch it for signs that it’s getting better and learning how to run against the other dogs. When you see improvement, put a small bet on it and you just might cash in big on a longshot that very few people will notice.

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A Million Reasons to Play Ball at BA


Everyone knows that Bet America is my favorite ADW – and not just because I used to write for them or because they have greyhound as well as horse racing. Discounted pp’s for both thoroughbred and harness racing and free pp’s for dog racing aren’t the main reason I keep coming back to play on BA either, although they’re nice and convenient.

Plus, unlike another well-known ADW, I don’t have to remember to bet on the tracks I buy programs for to cover their cost. My memory isn’t what it was, so sometimes if I get a “free” program at the place with the double spires, I end up paying the full price because I couldn’t find anything I wanted to play on the program and forgot to make a cover bet.

The reason I play at BA is because I really like their handicapping pages. Most of the time, I don’t even bother to buy a program, because I have enough information right on the BA site to pick winners and exactas at both thoroughbred and harness tracks. Their speed and class ratings for maidens very often give me the winner right at the top and it isn’t always the favorite or the one that looks “obvious” either.

Now though, I have another reason to make BA my first stop of the day when I fire up my laptop or turn on wifi on my phone. For the rest of the baseball season, I could win a million dollars on a free bet. Now, I’m as greedy as the next person, so when someone offers me a chance to win a million dollars every day until October, I’ll take it.

Here’s how you can get in on the action too. You don’t even have to put up any money upfront and get reimbursed. It’s free! Right now, they’re having a special sign-up bonus where they’ll match your initial deposit up to $300! That’s $300 worth of bets free!

  1. Open an account at BetAmerica
  2. Navigate to the MLB section of the Fantasy Sports lobby
  3. Enter any contest labeled “$1Million Home Run Derby”
  4. Fill out your roster of 9 players (SP, C, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, LF, CF, & RF)
  5. If all 9 players hit a home run that day, you will become an instant millionaire!

Even if you don’t know a thing about baseball, why not pick a player in each category and hope they hit a home run that day? What do you have to lose?

Of course, while you’re at BetAmerica, you could play a few races and rack up some reward points too, because some of the best tracks are on the rewards list. I like getting paid for playing races I’d play anyway. If you haven’t already, take a look at the handicapping pages and click on the different views of each race. Pay particular attention to Speed and Class in Maiden races in both thoroughbred and harness races.




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