Winning Bets That Lose Money At the Dog Track

Have you ever picked dogs that finish in the money, cashed a ticket and lost money? If you’re like most of the greyhound handicappers I know, including me, it’s happened to you at least once in your life.

It’s a horrible feeling to know that you picked the right dogs, bet them and still managed to come out behind the eight ball. How does this happen?

One way is when you wheel a dog that you feel strongly is going to win in the trifecta with all the other dogs. This is an $84 bet. If your dog wins, no matter which dogs come after it, you cash your ticket.

So, you may be thinking, most trifectas pay more than $84 for a one-dollar bet, so why don’t I just do that and make some easy money? It’s not that easy, believe me.

For one thing, it’s very hard to pick a dog that’s almost certain to win. Even if the dog has all the factors going for him, things happen. Dogs fall down. They stumble. Other dogs block and bump them. They fade to second right at the wire. There are no sure things in dog racing.

There’s also no worse feeling than wheeling a dog to win in the trifecta and having it come in second so that the trifecta pays big bucks. That’s when you realize that you would have been a lot better off if you’d picked two other dogs to put with that dog and played them in a box.

There are many other ways to pick winners and still lose money at the dog track. You can play two or three dogs to win. One wins, but pays less than $6 and you lose money. You can bet a dog to win and in a quiniela or other exotic bets. It wins, but you don’t have the quiniela or trifecta and you’ve lost money on those tickets.

Knowing WHAT to bet, obviously, is just as important as knowing WHO to bet on in greyhound racing. That’s why it’s important that you know  what kind of bet will give you the best return on your investment.

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