Free Greyhound Handicapping System: The First System

Everyone is looking for a system nowadays. Systems to beat the dog track. Systems to pick lottery numbers. Systems to get their life back together, relieve stress and find a mate. It makes sense, because life is really just a series of systems.

We either make up our own every time we do something, or we use someone else’s knowledge and experience to guide us. Oftentimes, it makes sense to consult someone else who knows more about the subject than we do. After all, we don’t reinvent the wheel every time we drive our car, do we?

There’s one system that I’ll share with you for free. I call it The First System and it’s one of the best ways to make money at the track and in life. Be first. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. Come to think of it, that’s the system that dogs use to win races, isn’t it?

Let me tell you how being first can help you win at the track. Say there’s a dog who’s coming back from a layoff. You and your friends are discussing the dog before the races and no one really knows whether he’s liable to come in or not today.

Someone says that they think they remember that he got hurt in a race a couple of months ago and that’s why he’s had a layoff. Someone else says, “No, he didn’t get hurt. They just gave him a layoff because he was running lousy races because he was tired.” And someone else says, “Well, you guys didn’t notice but “he’s” a “she” and I heard she had a litter of puppies, so no way can she be back in shape yet.”

Someone might be right, but everyone might be wrong in this conversation. There’s a really good chance that none of the people discussing this dog really knows why it had a layoff or what it did before it had the layoff. Now, what if someone – namely you – had downloaded a program the day before and looked at this dog’s record in Greyhound Track Data or old programs?

That person, namely you, would have a much better idea of why the dog had that layoff and would know whether the dog was a good bet today or not. You’d be first to know and you could either keep quiet or share it with your friends. But either way, you’d have a much better chance of making money on the dog.

It’s the same with dogs who win M races and have littermates. If you see a dog who does well in M, take the time to check for littermates and keep an eye on them. The dog doesn’t have to be fantastic, just good. Chances are, at least some of the littermates will be worth betting on also.

How about dogs who break and fade and ship in from another track where the sprint races are longer than they are at your track? If you know this before the other bettors do, you know what they don’t know. At your track’s shorter distance, the fader may not fade after all. It may just hang on and win. How many people check the length of the track that dogs come from when they ship in to a new track? Hardly anyone.

There are all kinds of situations at the dog track where you can be first to benefit from something if you’re willing to put out a little more effort than most bettors are. Look around you at the track and notice how many people hardly glance at their programs – the programs they grabbed on the way in. How many people are buying lottery tickets or yakking on the phone or watching Fox News?

If you want to win at the track, you have to be better than the average bettor. I learned that the hard way a long time ago. It’s the reason I write articles and sell systems. I figure if I share what I know, it might keep at least some people from making the same mistakes I made when I started out. So keep your eyes open and look for opportunities to use The First System. After all, it’s free.

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