Win at the Dog Track With This Stakes Race Secret

I love to watch the best dogs compete in stakes races, but I admit that it’s hard to make money when favorites win. There’s another side to these prime races though and if you know about it, you can make some good money when the top grade races run at your favorite track.

Think about it, if you had a great dog, would you want it to turn in a slow time? Of course not. You’d want it to at least approach the track record when it runs in a high grade race. Well, the tracks know that and adjust the track accordingly.

When stakes races are run, they groom the track and make it harder and make sure that there are no soft spots or holes that can slow down or injure a dog. This is the secret to cashing tickets when the top races come to your track.

In addition to the featured races, there are other races and they’re run on the same track – with the same track conditions. Now, what do you think a hard, well-groomed track favors? Right. Early speed. Breakers. Dogs that get out fast and take the lead and go box to wire.

So, next time you read about top grade races coming to your track, don’t groan and say you can’t make money on them. Smile and start planning to handicap for early speed. You can bet on the stakes races too, if you want to, but don’t forget to handicap them for early speed too.

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