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If you’ve been to the track more than a few times, you know that cashing tickets isn’t all about picking winners. How many times have you keyed on two dogs in a trifecta and had one of them come in but not the other?

It’s one of the worst feelings you can have – the frustration of picking winners and losing, because you didn’t play your key dog with the right other dogs. Believe me, I know how that feels.

At my favorite track, I can almost always find a few races where I can pick a dog who’s in the money. But until I figured out The Two-Key Trifecta System, I was still missing the vital clue as to how to play these dogs to hit trifectas.

Then, one day, out of frustration, I was going over past programs and I noticed something about my trifecta key bets and the dogs that had come in that I hadn’t included in my bets. There was something I had overlooked – a key element that I had left out of my handicapping.

I had one of the keys to hitting trifectas – I could pick winners and likely in-the-money finishers. But now I had the second key – the one that would unlock more winning trifectas than I had ever hit before.

With The Two-Key Trifecta System you‘ll have the tools you need to figure out if a race fits the criteria for betting trifectas or whether you should pass it by. You’ll be able to pick a key dog using just your program and a pencil – no computer or complicated formulas needed.

Then, for the crucial second dog: You’ll learn what to look for that the crowd misses. These secrets can lead to big payoffs, because most bettors overlook them or see them but don’t realize what important factors they are. These aren’t hidden, but almost no one at the track, except for insiders like trainers and kennel owners, know what an impact they can have on whether a dog is ready to win or not.

The Two-Key Trifecta System isn’t a mechanical system – you will need basic handicapping skills. But anyone who can read a program and follow instructions can use it to pick key dogs that other bettors overlook, which can mean big trifecta payoffs.

While the crowd keys on a couple of big favorites, The Two-Key Trifecta System’s techniques will allow you to see what the crowd is missing. And when the favorite disappoints and other bettors are tearing up their tickets, you’ll be one of the few walking to the window to cash.

The cost? $10. That’s peanuts compared to what most trifectas pay with a cheap one-dollar key bet!

The Two-Key Trifecta System has 6 pages of information and is a digital PDF download, not a book.

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