Thanks to Amazon for Making Handicapping Easier

One of the things I’m thankful for lately is my Kindle Unlimited monthly subscription. For less than ten bucks a month, I get to read most of the Kindle books on Amazon. What a deal! One of the reasons I got the Unlimited subscription is because of the handicapping books I can read with it.

My books are there, of course, including, Greyhound Handicapping Series, Book 1. and the rest of the books in my 6 book series on greyhound handicapping. Each book includes 20 of my articles, 3 little mini systems and links to handicapping resources on the Net. My first book, Win at the Greyhound Track With Eb, is available in Kindle or paperback also. For those of you who are into trying new approaches to attracting luck, there’s an interesting book I wrote about how to be Luckier by the Numbers.

If, like me, you’re into harness or thoroughbred racing, you might want to check out Bill Peterson’s books or Trotpicks, a harness handicapping book by Bob Pandolfo. Originally $22 and change, but with Kindle Unlimited, you can read this book for free. The nice thing about Kindle Unlimited is that you can take as long as you like to read a book and have ten books at a time on loan to you.

Winter is a good time to brush up on your handicapping skills and Kindle Unlimited lets you do that on a budget. It’s also a good source of fiction books, which can be a nice change from watching TV when the snow is falling and the wind is howling around the house. As of today, the first month of Kindle Unlimited is a free trial, so you might want to sign up before that deal goes away.

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