Stand Here and Win More at the Greyhound Races

Good greyhound handicappers always try to watch the races they bet on. They don’t bet and then go get a coffee and watch the race in replays. They watch the race as its happening. If they can, they stand outside, as close to the first turn as they can.

See, most race watchers stand at the finish line, so they’ll know who came in even before the race is official. They want to make sure that they can see which nose is over the finish line first. I can understand their need to know as soon as possible who won.

But it makes a lot more sense to stand down the track a little way, right at the first turn. Why would you care what happens there, more than you’d care what happens at the finish line? Well, if you know what happens on the first turn, you’ll pretty much know which dogs are going to be first over the finish line. What’s better, you’ll have a much better idea of what’s going to happen in the next few races.

A high percentage of dogs that are first to the turn, win. An even higher percentage is in the quiniela or tri. Of course, when you’ve already made your bets, this piece of information doesn’t do you any good for this race. But think about the next time you see one of these dogs in a race.

If you know that they were fast enough out of the box to get to the first turn ahead of the other dogs, you have an advantage over the other bettors. And, more important, if you watch the dogs in the first turn and see that they’re having accidents or going wide as if they’re sliding toward the outside of the track, you’ll know how to bet the next few races, until they groom the track, at least.

If there’s a lot of shuffling, bumping and dogs going wide on the first turn bet the dogs that break and get the lead. Don’t bet the dogs, especially away from the rail, which don’t get out as well, but then close. If you do, your dog is very liable to get blocked, bumped or knocked out of contention on the first turn.

Greyhound handicapping is an art, not a science. There are so many factors that influence the outcome. You have to be willing to look at the art of picking dogs in new ways, if you want to make money at the dog track.

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