Spot Plays – You Have to Know How to Play Them

Spot plays are dogs that are very likely to win because of some special situation or characteristic that’s present in the race they’re in. It might be because of their running style compared to the other dogs.

It might be because something in the set up of this race indicates that they’re ready to win. A good handicapping system will help you find them, but that’s not enough to make money on them. The reason most people don’t make money on these dogs is because they try to handicap them.

That’s right. While handicapping is a good thing, it doesn’t work when you’re just playing dogs because they’re spots. So many bettors make this mistake. They get a spot play method and then try to handicap the dogs it picks.

If they don’t think the dog looks good, they don’t bet it. That’s foolish! The reason these dogs pay so much is exactly because they DON’T look good. If they showed their potential, everyone would bet them and they wouldn’t pay like they do.

So, get yourself a good spot play system. Use it to find them and don’t try to second guess it. If you’re going to handicap, do it with the other dogs. And you can even do it with the other dogs in the race where there’s a spot play, just don’t let that influence you too much.

I’ve seen so many spots come in when I was totally convinced that they didn’t have a shot in Hades of making the board. The thing about these dogs is that they don’t know that they’re up against long odds.

They run their best races, because of the special situation they’re in. They have more pizazz than the other dogs and that gives them an edge. You’ll be surprised at what they can do, and you’ll cash quite a few big tickets if you remember to play them without over-analyzing them.

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