Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Professional Gambler?

Movies and TV don’t show a realistic picture of professional gamblers. They show them either as losers who blow their life savings on the dogs or they show them as fantastically rich, successful Vegas denizens with a blonde on each arm and money sticking out of their pockets.

Real professional gamblers are neither of those things. Most of the ones I’ve known were either larger than life, or kept such a low profile that you wouldn’t know they were at the track. The larger than life ones usually had a very tumultuous existence. They’d win, then they’d lose, then they’d win, but no matter what, they somehow managed to stay afloat.

The quiet ones, the ones who look and act like insurance salesmen, just quietly place their bets, collect their winnings and go home to their families like any other career-man. It’s just that their “career” happens to be picking winning dogs better than 90% of the other people at the dog track.

I’ve talked to them and they all say the same thing. To them, handicapping is a job. They also say that they’d do it even if they never made a cent from it, because it’s what they love the most. I’ve never met a handicapper who was “just putting in his eight hours” like people who work for other people. Most of them love the freedom of working for themselves and being responsible for their own success.

If you’re that type of person – someone who doesn’t need the safety net that a regular job gives you, then you might do well as a professional gambler. That is, if you learn how to handicap and manage your money well enough to make a profit. That’s the hard part of being a pro.

The people who seem to do the best at it are the people who have a good stake to begin with to take them through the times when they lose. And there will be times when you lose. Even the best handicapper has losing streaks.

So, if you can learn, manage money and have enough money to get through losing streaks, you could do well at gambling for a living. If you don’t panic when things get risky, that’d help too. No matter how good you are, there are always times when you pick what logically SHOULD happen, but it doesn’t. That’s why they call it gambling.

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How To Pick Winning Dogs At Derby Lane

First of all, if you’re a longshot player, don’t expect to get rich at Derby Lane. The ratio of longshots to favorites coming in there is pretty small. However, if you like high grade dogs who run consistently, then Derby Lane is the place for you.

There’s big money at this St. Petersburg Florida track, too. It handles more money than any other greyhound track in the country, although Wheeling is catching up. If you like to bet trifectas, you’ll find some good payouts here. Perfectas are a good bet too, because they pay more than quinielas and are almost as easy to pick.

So, how do you make money if the dogs are so good and so consistent? Well, for one thing, don’t bet against the superstars at Derby Lane, because it’s a losing proposition. If you want to bet the top grade races, bet the favorite with another dog you like in quinielas, perfectas or trifecta key bets.

My favorite grades at Derby Lane are the mid grade and M races. I handicap the mid grade races with my usual approach of Graded Greyhound Handicapping. The secret here is paying attention to early speed. Dogs that can get to the first turn first at Derby Lane very often cross the finish line first, also.

For puppies in M, I use techniques that work on M races at better tracks, which I’ve mentioned before. Look for outstanding puppies here, because trainers from all over the country send the “pick of their litters” here. If you can catch them before the crowd realizes how good they are, you can make a profit.

If you want to see the best dog racing in the country, head for Derby Lane or catch a simulcast of it at your local track.

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