Luck and Winning – A Different Approach

I’m a very logical person, so I’ve always been sceptical of “woo-woo” stuff. But I’m also open-minded and a seeker after wisdom. There’s nothing I like better than researching a subject, no matter how oddball or “out there” it is.

When one of my good friends started using numbers to win at the track, I didn’t make fun of him, although, privately, I thought he was nuts. But when my formerly unlucky friend started to win more than he lost, I wondered if there was something in this “numbers” stuff. I figured out MY numbers and began to use them.

I always try out a new system on paper first, so that’s what I did with this numbers system, which was what I saw it as. By the time I had researched it thoroughly, I was convinced that there might be something in it. While it doesn’t rule my life, I use my numbers daily. I believe in it strongly enough that I ended up writing a book about it.

I believe that there’s a very good chance that numbers have a lot to do with luck in life. Most people read their horoscopes daily. Some even know a little about Numerology and know what their Life Path number is. That’s good, but I think that there’s a lot more to know about numbers and how they affect your luck.

If you’re not a lucky person, it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to put numbers to work for you. It’s not just about lucky days or whether you’re a “9” or an “8” that seems to make the difference between being a three-leaf clover or a four-leaf clover. The theory is that it’s about applying the right style for your numbers when you do anything that depends on luck for a good outcome.

For instance, if your number is “2” and you want to win more at the horse track, numerology says that it make sense to go with a friend, even if the friend knows nothing about playing the horses. If you’re an “8”, a very lucky number indeed, according to numerology, there’s a color that can make you luckier at the track and in life.

Did you know that horses and dogs have numbers too – other than their post position – and you can take advantage of them? Even tracks and places have numbers if you know how to figure them out.  My newest book, How to Attract Luck Instantly shows you how to do that and even lists many of the horse and dog tracks by their number.

Read the book and find out if your favorite casino is in a good place for you according to numerology. If it’s not, maybe there’s another one close enough to drive to, one that would be luckier for you. Is your favorite slot machine the right number for you according to numerology? If it has a number, you can tell if it is or not with the help of this book.

Numbers matter. They’re all around us from our birthdays to our house number to our driver’s license to race numbers to post position. Numerology says that all these numbers have an influence on us, so why not choose the ones that mightl make your luck change for the better? Why continue to pick numbers, colors and places that numerology says work against you?

How to Attract Luck Instantly isn’t an excuse to gamble more or take risky chances. It’s a guide to finding your lucky numbers, luckiest gambling style, lucky days, colors, places and more. There’s also a section, based on scientific evidence, about what people do that makes them lucky or unlucky and how to YOU can use that information to make yourself a luckier person.

If you’re unlucky at the track, the casino or in life, why not change things up and try something different? Take control of the numbers in your life, instead of leaving it to chance. If you don’t know which numbers, colors, places and gambling style might work best for you, use How to Attract Luck Instantly to find out. If nothing else, it’s an entertaining way to try a new approach to luck and life.


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