How To Make Money Betting Against Dogs That Can’t Lose

If there’s anything I hate, it’s hearing someone say that a dog can’t lose. Any dog, no matter if it’s a champion with no losses in 100 races, can lose. All it takes is a little bump, a stumble, a dog that gets in front and blocks it.

I’ve seen so many dogs disappoint fans who were totally convinced that the dog was going to win. The collective sigh that you hear after a race where a sure thing loses is the saddest sound at the track. You have to be smarter than the crowd and realize that even very good dogs lose. That’s how you make money when the crowd loses.

What are some indications that a dog is going to lose, after it’s been on a winning streak for a long while? For one thing, their margin of victory may shrink. From winning by 6 lengths or more, they may just manage to hold on at the end of the race.

They may start breaking more slowly. Where once they got out first every time, they may start breaking second or even third. Sure, they still might win, but if they’re not first out of the box, that win will take more out of them. Sooner or later, they’ll run out of pizazz at the end of the race and a faster dog will pass them at the wire.

Look for these signs in a dog’s lines when you’re wondering whether a “sure thing” will win yet again. If there’s any sign of slackening or slowing down, you’ll want to look at the second best dog in the race. Even if you just put a win and place bet on the second best dog, you’ll probably do very well when it comes in.

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