Greyhound Handicapping:Five Ways To Make Money With Dogs Who Break

Most bettors would much rather bet on a dog that breaks than one that gets out slowly. Veterans of the dog track know that dogs who take the lead have an advantage, because they often avoid the trouble that occurs in so many races.

While the dogs behind them are bumping each other as they jockey for their favorite running position on the track, the breakers are out in front with plenty of room to run. This makes for a much easier race for them. So why don’t they always win?

For one thing, they don’t always keep the lead. Some breakers are also faders when it comes to the end of the race. They just don’t have the stamina to hold on to the lead all the way to the end of the race. One or more of the dogs who close at the end pass them and that’s all she wrote.

If you want to use breakers to win money at the dog track, here are some situations where they have a much better chance of running in the money:

1. Find an 8 dog who breaks with a slower dog next to it

2. Find a breaker who is between two dogs who get out more slowly

3. Find a race with only one or two dogs who break

4. Find a dog in the 1 box that runs the rail with a 2 and 3 dog who don’t

5. Find a breaker who got blocked in its last race but who won’t get blocked in its current race

Breakers can make you money if you know when to play them. Don’t forget to look for other dogs to put with them for quinielas and trifectas. They just might be the break you need to cash some tickets at the greyhound track.

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