Greyhound Handicapping – Two Quick Tips

A lot of people go to the track on Friday night. I got to thinking that it might be interesting on some Fridays to post a tip from Hyper-Handicapping, a little system I came up with years ago to use when I didn’t feel like – or didn’t have time for – handicapping the program thoroughly. Not only will this give you something to add to your handicapping toolbox, but it will give me more time to go over MY Friday night program. So, without further ado or palaver, here goes.

  • Look for a dog who breaks out of the box 1st or 2nd and who is between two dogs who break slowly. This is an especially good play if the breaker is dropping down and/or there are few or no other early speed dogs in the race.
  • Look for a dog who has the comment “shutoff” in its last race, but who comes in first or second at least a third of the time. This is especially good if the dog was the favorite in its last race and/or has other comment lines that say things like “determined try” “would not be denied”, etc. This kind of dog often takes it very personally when it gets blocked or otherwise frustrated. In its next race, it’s liable to rocket out of the box and come in like gangbusters.

Have fun. Bet wisely. And don’t forget to give back to the greyhounds by donating to Greyhound Pets of America. Better yet, wouldn’t your couch look better with a greyhound couch potato on it?

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