Greyhound Handicapping – Does Betting on Impulse Work?

I use greyhound handicapping systems to make money at the dog track. I wouldn’t think of just randomly picking dogs and betting them. So it’s obvious that I don’t approve of just betting on impulse. However, I also know that it’s a very human thing to do.

Because of that, there’s one thing that I feel strongly about when it comes to impulsive betting. If you do it, keep track of how it turns out. That’s right. I’m not saying you should never bet without using a system to pick a dog. But I am saying that, if you do that, you should pay attention to what happens to that bet.

For instance, if you spot a dog in the program and you notice that it has a good position and looks better than it handicaps with whatever method you’re using, you may decide to play it in spite of the fact that the method doesn’t pick it.

That’s fine, as long as you have the money and don’t do it too often. But if you bet the dog and it doesn’t come in, be honest with yourself. Write it down, just like you write down the other bets you make and the results. (You DO write them down, don’t you? I hope so.)

That way, when you go over your program later on, you’ll see the bets that you made on impulse and be able to know whether your impulses are something to go on. If the dogs you pick on the spur of the moment come in and make you money, keep picking them that way.

But, if the dogs that aren’t part of your method don’t come in, maybe you’d better think about sticking to more traditional handicapping instead of doing it yourself with hunches and sudden whims. I have kept track of what happens when I don’t use a plan, and this is why I use a good greyhound handicapping method for almost all my wagering.

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