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The Greyhound Breeding and Racing Database This is a great tool for finding out everything you need to know about puppies and shippers and dogs you don’t have a history on. For instance, I use it for M races and when I’m handicapping a track I don’t play that often. It does take some time, but it’s worth it. And if you stay there for a while, you’ll have to register, but it’s free and only takes a minute. One word of caution though – you can easily spend a lot of time here without realizing it, looking at stats and dogs you bet on years ago. They’re all here, although some of their later races might not be. It’s a volunteer operation, so sometimes it takes a while for everything to get entered, but it’s still the best place to find dogs to watch.

Trackinfo also lets you look up dogs and uses the GBRD to do it. But there’s much more available at this site. You can wager on both dogs and horses, watch races and replays, read The Greyhound News and several blogs and also download programs absolutely free! They have links to other sites like Vera’s blog from Derby Lane and Bad Bill McBride’s and Gordon Waite’s Trackstats. In my opinion, Trackinfo is the first place to go for the serious greyhound handicapper.

Greyhound News on Twitter is where Post Time Perry gives his daily picks. Perry is pretty good at picking winners too.

Gary Dura’s Blog at The Herald in Dubuque, Iowa is here and he always has something interesting to say about the dogs.

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  1. william treib says:

    i recently purchased all of your ststems.
    finding them very interesting
    also sighed up for yor newsletter but for some reason can not download it?
    it asked me for things that i have no idea what it is talking about?
    cant you just send me a word document or tell me how to answer the questions.
    thank you

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