Free Greyhound, Thoroughbred and Harness Picks

I’ve been really busy lately, almost too busy to handicap the races. We have a lot of company in the summertime in Maine, so I don’t get to take as many trips south to play the dogs. I can play the thoroughbreds and harness tracks at my local OTB, but wagering on dog racing isn’t legal in Maine, so I have to travel to do that.

Sometimes, instead of handicapping, especially if I’m planning a trip to play all three forms of racing, I’ll use tip sheets to help me handicap in a hurry. It’s not my preferred method and it doesn’t mean I don’t use my own handicapping methods. It’s just a shortcut. I look at what other handicappers like and then keep that in mind when I go over my programs.

In case you find yourself strapped for time, here are some links to tip sheets for Bluffs Run Greyhound, Del Mar Thoroughbred and Batavia Downs Harness Track for today. Of course, you should always use your own judgment when you’re betting and never bet more than you can afford to lose. And, most important of all, remember that playing the races is supposed to be fun. And winning is a lot more fun than losing.

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  1. Beth Durrance says:

    I wish you’d do more discussions/picks for Birmingham AL !!!

  2. Beth Durrance says:

    Bought two of your handicapping books and find a lot of useful information. Please ‘talk about’ Birmingham from time to time !!! Blessed day to you

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