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(This is an excerpt from Book 1 of my Greyhound Handicapping Series which is available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon. The complete series – Books 1-6 – has 18 mini systems, 120 articles and links to greyhound handicapping resources. Read the complete series for free with Kindle Unlimited.)

Greyhound handicapping takes time. That’s why I’m always saying that you shouldn’t do it in a hurry. But there are times, even with me, when life just doesn’t let you take your time. Sometimes, no matter how we try, we’re late.

If this happens to you and you still want to bet on the races, here’s a quick little mini-system you can use to increase your odds. It’s not a sure-thing, of course. Don’t expect it to make you rich. But it’s a nice little tool for when you’re not able to do an in-depth job of picking dogs.

Look at the 1/8th call in the program. That’s the third column over from the left. Find a dog with the most 1’s and 2’s in that column. Circle the column for that dog. Now, go over to the times for each dog’s last race. Circle the lowest number. If the same dog has both of those circles, play it to win and place.

If two dogs have both of those circles, play them in a quiniela. If more than two dogs have circles, look at the next race. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to use your handicapping skills as well as this mini-system. Take a quick look at Class and see how that will figure into the race.

Look at the times the dogs have been running and see if there’s one dog that has been running faster times than that in its last couple of races. In other words, start with this little system and then do as much handicapping as you have time to do while still leaving yourself time to bet.

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