Free Greyhound Handicapping System – Double Dare

(This is an excerpt from the first of six books in the Greyhound Handicapping Series. Each book has 20 short articles, 3 mini systems like this one, and links to free resources for greyhound handicapping. The books are available individually, in sets of 3 or a complete set of 6 in both paperback and Kindle. Find them on Amazon here.)

Going over a greyhound program can take a lot of time. It’s tedious, nitpicking work and not everyone is cut out for it. Sometimes, we just want to be able to look at a program, compare a few points and take a shot at picking a few winners.

Although I enjoy handicapping, I’m always looking for new angles to pick winners quickly and with a pretty good chance of at least breaking even. Like most people, sometimes I just go to the track to have a good time, socialize and take a break from work and responsibility. When I’m in that kind of mood, this is the kind of little system that works for me.

It’s quick, easy and doesn’t take a lot of math. You can do it right before the race or go over your whole program at once. It’s something you can do while you talk with friends and sip a coffee without losing track of the conversation, but you’ll still have a “pick” to play to give you a chance to win.

Try it out at your track on paper or get some old programs from the Net and check it out on them. Here are the basics, although you can “tweak” it to make it better, of course. Just don’t rush off to the track and bet the farm on it, because that’s never a good idea.

For each race, look at the odds that each dog was at in its last two races. Add them up and divide by two. Circle the 3 dogs with the lowest odds average. You’ll be surprised at how often one or more of these three dogs are in the money in a race.

How you play them is up to you. You can play the one with the lowest odds average to win and place. Or you can play all three dogs in a quiniela or trifecta box. It’s up to you and you should go over a few programs to see what works at your track.

Of course, this little trick is no substitute for in-depth handicapping, but it might make you a little bit of cash. The best thing about it is that it takes hardly any time and you don’t have to go over the whole program, just the odds column.

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