Dog Racing Tips – It Just Takes One of These to Win

Have you ever known someone who bet all 8 dogs in a race, won and was really happy, until they put up the winner’s payout and it was less than $16? Well, most of us know that most winners don’t pay that much, so there’s no profit in betting all the dogs in a race. It’s something newbies do, not seasoned pros.

But have you ever thought about how that applies to how many bets you make over the course of a whole program, too? I have. I realized a long time ago that I wasn’t going to make money if I bet too much on a race.

Even without intending to, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in figuring out combinations and possible outcomes, that you forget that you’re only going to get so much if you DO hit.

If you bet a $12 quiniela box with four dogs in it and all of the quinielas with those dogs are paying under $12, what’s the point? You can win and lose money. That’s not the point of going to the dog track. Winning is.

So, less is often more at the greyhound track. All you really need, obviously, is one good bet to make money at the track. Of course, even if you do have a good bet, only one bet isn’t going to make you a living off the dogs. But if you bet $2 and your dog comes in, you’re going to get your $2 and something else back.

So, next time you’re at the greyhound track, before you make that second or third or fourth bet on the same race, think long and hard about what you’re likely to get back if one of those bets does come in.

If it’s not worth betting, don’t bet it.

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