Dog Racing Tips – How to Bet Dogs That Are Coming Back From a Layoff

Racing greyhounds have regular layoffs, rest periods. Usually this lasts two months or so. When you see a dog on the program and you notice that it hasn’t run in about two months, you can assume that this is the case. Or can you?

Sometimes, and this is something you need to know, dogs have layoffs because they were injured. Female dogs have layoffs to have litters of puppies. If this is the case, you need to be sure that the dog is in form before you bet it.

I go back through the Track Data files online and check out the dogs that have had layoffs, to make sure that it’s just their usual rest period. If it isn’t – if they’ve been injured or had puppies – I wait until I see that they’re back in form before I bet them.

For dogs that are just having their usual rest, I use my own judgment. If they’ve come right back to win from a layoff before, I bet them right away. If they show by their record that they take a while to get back into mid season form, I wait until I see that they’re improving in some way.

I like to see these dogs either breaking, if they’re a breaker, or closing if they’re a closer. I also like to see them gain in lengths or position before I bet them. It’s a good idea to take a look at their times too, and make sure that their times are getting better with every race. Watch them to see if they’re running up with the leaders, even if they’re not winning. This is a good sign that they’re getting back into their best shape.

Many people wait when a dog has a layoff, to see if it will do anything before they bet it. However, some dogs come right back and win. If you use the online track data records to find out if they’re likely to come right back, you can get the jump on the other bettors and cash in.

Knowing something that the other bettors don’t know is one of the best ways to make money at the dog track. Why more people don’t use the greyhound database and to find out these things is beyond me, but I’m glad they don’t. It makes it easier for the small number of us who do.

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