#1 Way to Use Program Picks to Win At The Track

Every program has them. They’re the entries that someone thinks are the best bets in that race. Sometimes, it’s the racing secretary at the track who picks them. Sometimes it’s an outside handicapper. Many programs have two or three selections from different handicappers. But do they come in?

Well, that’s what you have to figure out by keeping track of them. This is the first step to using them to cash tickets. Whether you write it down or use your memory, notice which handicapper has the best record for picking winners.

The next step is to go back over some races where they picked the winner or, even better, the quiniela or trifecta. Look at the horse or dog they picked and see if you can figure out why it was a better contender in this race. Was it coming off a good race? Did it have good position or an advantage as far as running style goes? Was there a driver or jockey change? A claim or move to a different trainer’s barn?

Look at a few winners from the same person and you may see a pattern. Very often when a handicapper picks winners, it’s because they’re good at finding contenders who have a factor that indicates that they’re ready to win. And, often, the handicapper is very good at spotting that one factor.

In other words, it’s his specialty. The winners have it and the other picks he makes don’t have it. When you look at his record, you’ll be able to see that when he picks entries with that factor, they often win. When he picks entries without that one factor, they lose more times than they win.

Use this to predict winners, yourself. Just go through the program and look at that handicapper’s picks for each race. Then look for that factor that he’s good at finding that indicates that the runner is ready to win. Not only will this help your wallet, it will also help your handicapping so that you can make your own picks and have them come in.

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