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How many programs do you have in your car? In your bathroom? In your trash can? Your answers could be a real tipoff as to why you’re not winning money at the greyhound track. Rather than costing you money – a dollar at most tracks – programs can be a goldmine if you save them and use them to win another day.

Even if you print your programs off the Internet, like I do, they still cost you something. Not just the paper and ink that your printer uses to print them. They also cost you time. Time to go over them. Time to handicap them. Time to mark down who you’re betting on and why.

You DO mark up your program pages, right? Whatever system you use must call for some kind of notation, so there’s no way your program should be unmarked when you throw it on the floor because you lost on the last race. Oops, I mean, it should be marked when you put it into your pocket and take it home with you so that you can go over it later when you’ve gotten over being angry at losing on the last race.

Getting angry is normal when you lose. But if you just get angry and complain and rant about your lousy luck and how the races are rigged, you won’t be any wiser as to why you lost when you go back to the track again. And no matter what you say when you leave after losing, most bettors go back and I’m betting that you will too.

So, next time you go to the track, take notes. Write down what happened in each race that you bet on. If you can, make a note about what happened to the dog you bet on. Did it break but get blocked? Did it run a good race but just get outclassed at the end? This is stuff you’ll want to know the next time that dog runs in a race.

If you write it down while it’s fresh in your mind, you won’t forget it or mis-remember it. The best greyhound handicappers in the world all take notes. It’s not like in the movies where they stand there with a far-off look in their eyes and “pull a dog’s name off the top of their heads” and bet on it and it comes in.

Take notes. Go over them. Work what the notes tell you in with whatever handicapping system you have. After a while, you’ll get used to reminding yourself about important handicapping factors that you notice. Believe me, I’ve been writing notes to myself for over 30 years and I can tell you that it’s a very important key to picking winners.

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Greyhound handicapper for 30 yrs. From Lincoln Greyhound Park in the 70's to the Southern Tracks nowadays, I've spent most of my life beating the odds. Now, I'm sharing my knowledge, so you can beat the odds too.
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